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Wilhelm Landscapes Fire Pit Design

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Wilhelm Landscapes Fire Pits | Kits and Custom HIGH FORMAT® we like to make things easy for you. With that being said, we’ve created three fire pit kits with all the components needed for a hassle free installation, including a steel liner. 
Round Belvedere Fire Pit
Square Dimensional Fire Pit
Square Kodah Fire Pit

But, let’s say you want to create something entirely different in size or shape. Here, we have some inspirational photos to help you generate ideas. All of these fire pit installations utilize our HIGH FORMAT® products. Take a look.

Above: Custom fire pit using Kodah Wall and Natural Stone Silverek Splitface Coping (gas and liner by others).

Claremont Wall blocks for a custom gas fire pit (liner by others).

Dimensional Wall blocks and Dimensional Coping (liner by others).

Belvedere Wall and Coping with square fire pit liner

Our Kodah Fire Pit Kit enhanced with an additional layer of Kodah Wall blocks for increased height, installed with gas conversion

Dimensional Wall blocks for a custom gas fire pit (liner by others)

Belvedere Wall and Coping to create a half circle custom gas fire pit (liner by others)


Wilhelm’s New Home Division

Wilhelm is proud to announce we are now offering additional home services. From simple honey do lists to full remodels, we can help. Call us at 231-267-9267 or email

New Services include:

Remodels – Custom Masonry – Carpentry – Drywall – Painting – Unfinished Chores – Tiling

IMG_20190 (1) IMG_20190 (2) IMG_20190 (3) IMG_20190 IMG952018 IMG_1895 Fondulac natural thin veneer gray tan