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Retaining Wall

Retaining Walls


 Retaining walls are generally needed to create a flat space on a hillside.

 This creates usable space that wasn’t existing. Another reason is to open up a lower area in a building. Like a walk out basement or an egress window. Driveways are another example of keeping higher elevations back or retained.

Retaining walls can be rocks, slabs or even wood. Fabricated concrete slabs are a common solution, especially for large projects. While wood can be an immediate and less costly solution, we are often called to replace a wood retaining wall that has begun to fall apart.


Wilhelm landscapes is one of the only Northern Michigan Landscaping companies to own and mine our Lake Superior Boulder from the U. P.

Our boulders are not just big, they are full of colors and veins which make your retaining wall more interesting and beautiful.



Having a great design is paramount in establishing your retaining needs.

Wilhelm Landscapes will walk you through every step of what it takes to hold back a steep portion of your property. It’s as easy as contacting



Permitting Process

Wilhelm Landscapes can prepare and apply for all permits needed for your project.

If your project contains shoreline protection, you will need to obtain a number of permits. Environment, Great Lakes and Energy is the agency that oversees shoreline protection. This agency reviews the design and activities. on any body of water in Michigan. This process can often involve additional design drawings. This process can be somewhat difficult and also can change in it’s requirements. Wilhelm Landscapes can obtain this and all required permits to assure the compliance of your shoreline protection. Shoreline protection on the Great Lakes, including Grand Traverse Bays, are subject to a permit from the Army Corp. of Engineers.

Bio-Engineered Shoreline Protection

EGLE has recently looked favorably on shoreline protection that has specific natural elements to soften the impact to natural shorelines. Wilhelm Landscapes has built many of these Bio-Engineered designs.

The term Seawall is no longer used to describe rocks or slabs to protect the shoreline. It is still used to describe vinyl or steel panels which are mostly used in commercial projects such as marinas.

All projects within 500 feet of water will also need a soil erosion permit. These are issued by the county. It mostly insures there will be erosion prevention on projects so that run off into the water from activity is minimized.

Your specific township may also require a Land Use Permit. Depending on your township, the application process for these permits can be extensive. Wilhelm will follow up on any and all necessary drawings and applications.


Contact Wilhelm Landscapes with your shoreline protection project. EGLE and Army Corp. permits can take up to 6 month to obtain. It is best to get these applications in as soon as possible. Contact us with any questions.

Wilhelm Barge Service

Wilhelm Landscapes Announces Barge Service


Some lakeshore properties contain challenging access. Whether it is a considerable slope, extreme growth or simply a desire to maintain an existing condition; creating an access from the land can be problematic. Often, the solution can be to access the shoreline from the water.



Wilhelm announces our investment in two barges which can be used to deliver equipment and materials direct to your shoreline from the water. 



These barges can be used together or separate. It can be a practical solution to a complex access site.



Local ordinances vary from lake to lake. Ask Wilhelm about the availability of such a service for your location. Wilhelm Landscape is the leader in shoreline protection in Northwest Lower Michigan. We continue to grow as a reliable experienced. installer of all types of shoreline protection. We look forward to working with you to create a beautiful and functional design you can count on. Protect your investment, contact Wilhelm Landscapes today. 

Wilhelm Landscapes Fire Pit Design

fire pit


Wilhelm Landscapes Fire Pits | Kits and Custom HIGH FORMAT® we like to make things easy for you. With that being said, we’ve created three fire pit kits with all the components needed for a hassle free installation, including a steel liner. 
Round Belvedere Fire Pit
Square Dimensional Fire Pit
Square Kodah Fire Pit

But, let’s say you want to create something entirely different in size or shape. Here, we have some inspirational photos to help you generate ideas. All of these fire pit installations utilize our HIGH FORMAT® products. Take a look.

Above: Custom fire pit using Kodah Wall and Natural Stone Silverek Splitface Coping (gas and liner by others).

Claremont Wall blocks for a custom gas fire pit (liner by others).

Dimensional Wall blocks and Dimensional Coping (liner by others).

Belvedere Wall and Coping with square fire pit liner

Our Kodah Fire Pit Kit enhanced with an additional layer of Kodah Wall blocks for increased height, installed with gas conversion

Dimensional Wall blocks for a custom gas fire pit (liner by others)

Belvedere Wall and Coping to create a half circle custom gas fire pit (liner by others)


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Wilhelm Landscapes

Wilhelm Landscapes Crew Working Through Winter



With the many project we have on Grand Traverse Bay, our crews will be out working through the season to protect the shorelines from the high water and destructive waves. Wilhelm Landscapes is the premiere builder of seawalls and rip rap shoreline protection in Northern Michigan. Our staff is the hardest working group around. It takes a special type of person to gear up and go get into Lake Michigan every day and we could not be prouder of their efforts. If you happen to see one of our crews give them a shout out, they deserve our praise.


Now is the time to sign up for next years projects. If you sign an estimate before 3/31/2020, we will wave the fee for one of the designated permits when you mention this ad.


From our family at Wilhelm Landscapes to yours.






Wilhelm Landscapes sells upper peninsula boulders!

Did you know you can purchase boulders from Wilhelm Landscapes. You can either pick them up at one of our locations or have them delivered to your site. We harvest the boulders from the Upper Peninsula and have a huge range of sizes and looks. Many of the large colorful boulders are called Character Boulders.  These are often very large, as much as 4′ in diameter. They can make a nice feature to a planting bed or water feature. We have also had clients interested in using these large boulders as a sign or address marker. Wilhelm Landscapes has more boulders than we know what to do with! Stop in and take a look! Check out for more information.




Free DEQ Permit w/ contract for Shoreline Seawall Installation

Let Wilhelm Seawalls help you protect one of your biggest investments. With 30 years in the business, you can count on us. We are offering free Seawall Permits needed for the installation of a new seawall.

Call Robert Wilhelm direct at 1-231-944-9661 w/ any questions.

Make it a great day!Seawall & Beach Design

Seawall Design

Seawall Design using boulders, replacing an existing vinyl seawall.


Shoreline Seawalls in Northern Michigan

Let Wilhelm Landscapes help you with your shoreline erosion needs!


view of seawall

The finished product


Installing the seawall

photo 7 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Granite seawall3