Wilhelm Landscapes is Northern Michigan’s premiere builders of seawalls on the Great Lakes and inland lakes. Although we install most all forms of shoreline protection from vinyl to environmentally conscience designs, Wilhelm Landscapes mostly uses our Northern Michigan boulders.



The Department of Environmental Quality defines the use of this type of material as rip rap. Rip rap shoreline protection is a process that is permitted separately from other types of seawalls. Rip rap is another way of saying “boulders”



Rip rap shoreline protection generally is installed against the height of the banks along the shoreline. The size of the rip rap can vary depending on what body of water your Northern Michigan property is on. It can also depend on which side of an inland lake your property is on.

Often one side of any lake, usually the east side, will experience more significant wave action because of prevailing winds. The DEQ has standards for most inland lakes that determine the diameter permitted. Lake Michigan has experience significant level increases in the past few years. Installing larger rip rap material can break up the wave action that has claimed valuable shoreline property.


Installing rip rap shoreline protection as a seawall option is as much an art form as it is functional. Our crews piece together appropriate sizes and shapes to create a beautiful, natural looking addition to your Northern Michigan shoreline. It really does take a creative mind to fit together just the right boulders into just the right spot. This allows the seawall to maintain its condition and function against the wave action on your Northern Michigan lakeside property.